From my earliest memories I experienced other dimensions, and was instructed in traditional healing, divination, and the art of holding silence. As a teenager I turned my back on ‘all that’ to embrace the IT and news-publishing worlds of the 80s and 90s.


With great effort, and at great personal cost, I determinedly buried and denied my gifts and sensitivity. Along with them I buried my own need for healing from abuse and trauma, masked by 28 years of eating disorder. Compulsive overeating from the age of 4, the first of 3 cycles of  anorexia at 9 years old and finally death-walking obesity by 32.


At 32, with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, complex migraine, psoriasis, arthritis, PTSD and growing wheelchair use due to pain, obesity and pre-diabetes, I collapsed.

And tumbled


into the arms of


[God, a small, convenient word denoting an experience far larger than words can describe]


Re-awakening was profound.

Plunging me from my head into my heart in the space of a few seconds; it returned me to feeling other dimensions and the energy fields around me. My protective, rigid, thick plaster-cast of persona fell away in dusty chunks. As for so many of us, what I was left with was both magnificent and deeply wounded.


Following a year of intensive physical and emotional healing, I was taken under the wing of an elder. Over several years under her direction, my gifts were deepened, honed, and used in traditional, transformational rites-of-passage and healing ceremonies; serving people from all around the world.

​​Through guided personal practice, ritual and ceremony, I re-embraced Sacred Space,

an ever-nourishing, ever-giving, ever-joyful home to us all.


On the mundane level, I had travelled from the place of a broken, sick, bankrupt single mother, to that of a more empowered, more aware human being on a sure and strengthening path. A path which included retraining as a psychotherapist and the experience of using my skills effectively in a clinical context.


At the moment of re-awakening in 2002, I committed to always follow my intuitive guidance and, for the most part, I have followed it ever since. Sometimes gladly, often doubtfully, always to greater fulfilment and deeper understanding.

Through that commitment, in time I was joined with the man who is now my husband and partner of 15 years, we were relocated from England to Hawaii, and we entered a new chapter of traditionally-based transformational healing work.

The sole purpose this work is to facilitate your full trust and reliance on your own Divine resource, so that you may enter this reality more fully as the person you were created to be.

Just as each of us is unique, so is our connection to, and expression of, the Divine.

Working together, we create Sacred Space as the crucible for

transformative integration of the three levels of human being:

Soul, Ego and Body

Functioning from this space is our birth right, it empowers us to live every area of our daily lives increasingly more ensouled - incorporating daily realisation and experience of the balance, belonging, and purpose that our being craves.

My Soul chose to live a life of pioneering the mountainous, emotional and spiritual terrains

which exist within myself and others. The mountains of every life transition, of every healing, of every painful or joyful heart-opening truth, of every permutation of relationship.

In common with so many of us, I have lived the hurt, inertia, disappointment, anger, blame, guilt and shame of those exhausting, exhilarating journeys up the mountain Soulwards

Only through the productive struggle do we continue to experience the greatness of who each of us is.

The emotions that govern our behaviour and outlook are like muscles; they cannot develop efficiently and well without resistance.


Your mountain, the one that is yours to climb, I do not know; but I can travel beside you for a while, I can encourage you to trust your intuition as it guides you to fashion unique tools that will serve you in transforming current burdens into Divine opportunities. This is who I am.

I am a mountain-guide, no more, no less.


This where my skills and experience lie.

Like you, there are ways in which I excel, and those in which I lag behind.

There are times when I succeed, and others when I fail.

Like you, there are places where I shine, and others I would prefer to hide.

For all of us, there is only one guide who holds every answer,

every solution, all peace, all compassion and all joy -

the belovéd, the blesséd Divine.


As you grow strong in navigating your mountain pathways, and in remembering your own innate climbing skills,

my ears can hear your wisdom and my words return that inspiration to your heart.

My Heart can buoy you with joy as you confidently find handhold or foothold on your steepest of climbs

My arms can hold you as you birth the transformation of your self-limiting habits -

whispering encouragement to you, sharing highlights of hard-won victories.

I can stand firmly in your way when you are about to hurl yourself unwittingly into unnecessary hurt,

or yell your progress to you in those steep places, knowing that

all you can see is the rock-face as you climb.

Journeying together onwards, we both become more skilled in mountain-climbing,

we both gain a sacred comrade and fellow traveller.

We experience that wherever and whenever the Divine enters reality through sacred space, there is only good

Until, with fierce joy and warm tears I can honour your Soul by waving you on your jubilant way forward; strong, and connected  the only resource you will ever need in this human reality –

that of the Divine.

This what I can do.

I cannot take away your pain nor carry your load, I cannot open your eyes nor clear your road,

I cannot let go your burdens, nor know your answers; to pretend that I could would deny and dishonour the very essence of who you are.

Within those things lie your adventure, your magnificence, your Divinity;

within them lies your strength.


There will always be another mountain, we simply get stronger and more skilled at climbing.

In transforming, we do not change; we simply become more of who we truly are.

As we practice turning our face to the light more,

instead of standing with our backs to it and seeing only shadows.

My path has led me through many joys, sorrows, terrors, horrors, laughter, loves and pain.

If I could wave a magic wand, I would not change one moment of this precious life lived.

My courageous, crusading Soul chose it all as She looked joyfully ahead

before this current human episode.​

We each choose our path, and our detours.

I have learnt, and continue to learn, as much from treading one as the other.

Knowing the way of these things;

there is no room for harsh judgment of myself or others.

I am here, where I stand within my Self in this moment, with such a wealth of life and healing behind me; and so much more ahead.

The work I do and how I do it are integral to who I am; it may or may not be the way for you.


If you are ready to heal, trust that knowing.

Signposts from your heart will light your path ahead, your tribe will start travelling to join you,

and a new adventure of self-discovery and belonging will begin -

here with me,

or in some other place with someone else - it does not matter

What matters is that we heal [Heal, from Old English "hælan"; to make whole, sound and well] not how;

what matters is that we come present and fulfil our Divine purpose;


moment by moment



 life as Soul imagined



I am Zoë [Zoë fem. proper name, Greek, literally "life"], I was born in England about half a century ago; the youngest of a large, blended family embracing diverse religious and spiritual practices. My heritage includes traditional healers, sensitives and diviners; alongside addiction, dysfunction and a well-developed ability to laugh!


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