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 Tony, 2019


A colleague recommended Zoe to me when I commented on how much he had changed and how well he looked. Working with Zoe I have experienced being truly seen for the first time I can remember. Over the year I worked with her doing journeywork I was able to see and appreciate the value of my life choices and experiences. To echo the reviews I read before I started with her, Zoe's clear insight penetrated each area or situation of denial and confusion to connect with and bring out my own understanding. She says she encourages others to remember who they are and what they already know at a soul level, and that was my repeated experience. Her steady discernment in fear filled, confusing, or blind places sparked that same ability in me. 
I have meditated and practiced martial arts for over fifteen years, and was surprised that learning and practicing integration in sacred space was such a game changer. The tangible connection to my own soul's path, and the supernatural supply of solutions that come from that, have been the biggest benefits from working with Zoe. Other benefits and big changes are that my personal and professional relationships have improved and are harmonious far more often than not, my work life is flourishing and my income has gone from good but unsteady to a consistent well paid inflow. My hobby work is also selling, not something I foresaw. My life/work balance is unrecognizable and healthy, and that's a good description of me also!
Before the journeywork I imagined i had all the pieces in place but I was frustrated by ongoing health and emotional issues and felt an emptiness in me and in my life. Now I have a self valuing attitude, a sense of belonging, and effective tools I am learning to use more fluently each day for stress-free resolution to my life issues. 
I like to think I know quality and Zoe's unconventional expertise is of exceptional and inspiring quality. If she deems you ready, I cannot recommend working with her highly enough, the time, effort and money spent has come back to me several times over already.

Anthony Bryant, Auckland NZ



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