Journey-work is a tailored mentorship empowering emotional and physical wellbeing

through the practical, daily integration of Soul.

Focused and unique to each person, it is an intensive journey of becoming more of who we truly are,

to bring about awareness and effective engagement with life, and our personal path, on all levels.


After an initial, donation-only session to gauge readiness for this depth of work, we wait for 24 hours and hold space.

Journey-Work is a profound process which begins with the decision to commit time, focus and resource

to your own life and your own self-care for the space of a year.

After holding space, we only move ahead if we both feel it is right. For my part of the decision-making process

I hold ceremony and rely on guidance to indicate how, and whether, to proceed.

Because of the committed nature of the process, I work with a limited number of Journey-Work clients at one time, which means there is usually a short wait before we can begin our adventure together.


“What is it, what’s the process, how does it work, what’s the approach ?”

​Over time I have accepted that I do a disservice trying to describe this work, because it is different for each person and responds entirely to the moment; informed entirely by your process,

drawing from  various seams of both of our life journeys 

Not, maybe, a popular description or answer in a modern world which demands quick, expert-sounding certainty.

It is, however, the truthful answer.

Journey-Work is better described by the people who have completed it.

Please click to read some of their experiences here.


Over the period of one year, Journey-Work recovers  individual tools for integration and strengthening

​When used, those tools allow us to discover where and who we are, to navigate our lives accordingly,

and to start journeying on the path our Souls imagined for us.

Journey-Work is experienced in phases, which are determined as you strengthen and stand more fully in yourself:

Phase 1:  4-8 weeks 3 sessions a week

Phase 2: 10-12 weeks 2 sessions a week

Phase 3: 10-12 weeks 1 session a week

Maintenance 3-6 months – 1 or 2 sessions a month

All sessions are guided and may be extended as necessary,

without extra charge to you

Email/messaging support of up to 90 minutes per week is included as necessary 


$15,000 at point of acceptance

(or $1,875 paid in 12 monthly installments)


1) If at any time either party chooses to stop before the year is finished, any sessions and email support completed by or before that point will be charged at full rate ($240 per session).

Following those charges, any money remaining of the original payment will be returned in full to the client.

2) Expect some delay before starting, as there is usually a short wait-list for journey-work





A colleague recommended Zoe to me when I commented on how much he had changed and how well he looked. Working with Zoe I have experienced being truly seen for the first time I can remember. Over the year I worked with her doing journeywork I was able to see and appreciate the value of my life choices and experiences. To echo the reviews I read before I started with her, Zoe's clear insight penetrated each area or situation of denial and confusion to connect with and bring out my own understanding. She says she encourages others to remember who they are and what they already know at a soul level, and that was my repeated experience. Her steady discernment in fear filled, confusing, or blind places sparked that same ability in me. 
I have meditated and practiced martial arts for over fifteen years, and was surprised that learning and practicing integration in sacred space was such a game changer. The tangible connection to my own soul's path, and the supernatural supply of solutions that come from that, have been the biggest benefits from working with Zoe. Other benefits and big changes are that my personal and professional relationships have improved and are harmonious far more often than not, my work life is flourishing and my income has gone from good but unsteady to a consistent well paid inflow. My hobby work is also selling, not something I foresaw. My life/work balance is unrecognizable and healthy, and that's a good description of me also!
Before the journeywork I imagined i had all the pieces in place but I was frustrated by ongoing health and emotional issues and felt an emptiness in me and in my life. Now I have a self valuing attitude, a sense of belonging, and effective tools I am learning to use more fluently each day for stress-free resolution to my life issues. 
I like to think I know quality and Zoe's unconventional expertise is of exceptional and inspiring quality. If she deems you ready, I cannot recommend working with her highly enough, the time, effort and money spent has come back to me several times over already.

Anthony Bryant, Auckland NZ



The metaphor of a journey is a good way to imagine the extraordinary process Zoë enables, supports and inspires. While we might plan and prepare to expand and adventure, it is in embracing the serendipitous and surprising that we discover that deeper exploration can begin.

Having consulted Zoë a few times, I had a profound sense that her unique and extraordinary experience, talents and simple brilliance would be transformative in my life, and I am deeply grateful to have worked with Zoë through a multifaceted process. I had already been fortunate in having had mentors and therapists of various kinds in my life, but I had reached a point where I was excited to understand that the alignment of the facets of my life — as a human being, first and foremost, and as a writer, in the business I am running, as a partner and in love — was leading me to questions that extended beyond the local and specific, into aspects of soul and spirit I didn’t have the language or tools to access very effectively.

I knew, though, that there were ways of living that were within reach, and I was motivated to discover them. Zoë’s approach is unique, and rightly skeptical of the commodification of quick-fix/bandaid approaches to change. As such, I found that I revisited old unhealed injuries and trauma I was limping along with quite happily (I thought), confronting them more directly than I had ever been able to. As when we develop postural habits to compensate for physical injuries, some pain becomes habitual, and it was only in facing and releasing it, and understanding the ways I was attached to and restrained by it, that I was able to feel the musculature of those habits.

Some of this was deeply emotional, and energy-testing. Zoë encouraged me to do this, though, with generosity, compassion and wisdom. I came to see the ways shame might work to stop us from confronting pain, and came to bring that same kind of compassion to my self and my own experience, rather than perpetuating stigmatising attitudes I had grown used to.

In the space of a year, some of the things that have changed for me include a consistent and clear increase in my business, including building more mutually respectful and appreciate relationships with clients, a burgeoning of creative opportunities, overcoming the resistance and procrastination familiar to most artists, in favour of more productivity and unafraid exploration, and improved finances. My children’s lives are flourishing more and more, and our home is a harmonious one. I have come to experience a love I was only at the start of, uncertain, when this process began, and a transformative understanding of the ways that the relationship with love and within love are reflected in what we experience with others.

I face the glitches and challenges that come up with an equilibrium I have not previously known, knowing that they will have their gifts too.  I feel that there was a considerable investment in all this — of my time and resources, exploring consciously and deeply my own path, patterns and potential — and I feel that this has been matched by the extraordinary generosity of Zoë’s own investment in this process.

Quite simply, my life has improved in all ways, and I have confidence in my own capacity — and ‘tools’ — to encounter what is, and what is to come. As is probably obvious, I can recommend working with Zoë entirely without reserve, and with deep encouragement. How one person combines all Zoë does is extraordinary, and inspiring. She is loving, compassionate, brilliant, warm and witty.

Alice Kinder, Sydney Australia



I have just found out that Zoe means ‘life’ in Greek - and how perfect. Through the work that we have done together, I feel more alive.
Each day, I feel more vitality, bliss, energy. I have developed the tools to sustain me, and as such, as well as experiencing life differently, much more comfortable in my own skin, I can give to the people I work with, in a therapeutic capacity, as well as my friends and family, without becoming drained.  
Zoe has walked beside me in a significant transition period, before which my soul yearned for this process - it felt like an itch that needed to be scratched, and I couldn’t ignore it.
Now, I realise that the process is complete because I no longer yearn for a transition, but I am excited to step into this moment and experience each day, exactly as it is right now…. that’s where I feel the tangible quality of the alchemy that took place in the work we did together.
Always sensitive, kind, fair, strong, honest, I feel 100% that I trust Zoe and it is an honour and a privilege to have her as my mentor, a connection which I feel will go long into the future.

Charlotte Preston, London UK




Before I began my journey and healing work with Zoë, there was an element of trepidation, but after the first session I began to feel completely safe and supported by her.  


Zoë is extremely gifted, warm, understanding and committed. It had been a long time since I met a person of this caliber.


She helped me uncover parts of myself I had been avoiding for most of my adult life, and has given me tools that I can always rely on.  


Her presence arrived during a very difficult time in my life, and I'm grateful she was there.

I would highly recommend anyone considering working with Zoë, it is immensely rewarding

Jared Kennefick, Massachusetts USA



Zoë, yours is a gift of hard-won wisdom combined with God-given intelligence, healing and a rare acute intuition, leading to a unique practice of pragmatic emotional and spiritual alchemy.

Through laughter, tears and untold delight, you journeyed with me to a new phase of life. It says everything that you never advertise and have a wait-list for your work. The evident joy and palpable strength and compassion with which you accompanied me through my thorny thicket of family-of-origin issues, and the various ways I used to numb the pain of those and other thorns, was an indescribably soul-nourishing experience.


You recognize the nature of addiction/depression/ego and its many devious disguises, you taught me to see those for what they are and laugh in loving understanding of them.


When you were recommended to me, I knew that profound transformations are not possible in six months. Ha! You blew that out of the water within two weeks, and then helped me find and practice my own simple discipline to maintain the change in my neural pathways, so that they don’t mosey back to their old haunts, taking my life with them!


You walk your talk, and do not engage with the woo-woo New Age bs (your words, lol!). Remembering my first session when I broke my cleanse with a shameful Twinkie and you whooped with delight and said now we could get to work!  Thank you from my heart for being just who you are and doing this unique and magnificent work. My life has changed beyond recognition and my soul is ecstatically happy I found you when I did

Michaela O'Sullivan, Boston USA



My experience of working with Zoë was, and has continued as, a profound life-changer.

I tried so many different things to get on track and live life the way I was "supposed to".

Zoë simply worked with me physically, emotionally and spiritually on easing out my own knowledge of how to recover by seeing life differently, more honestly. It sounds really simple and Zoë made it feel that way, but no therapist, doctor, alternative practitioner or anything/anyone else I tried even came close. Simple but not easy and I am not sure that I would have ever traveled here so elegantly, quickly or at all without Zoë’s gifted help.

I started work with Zoë thinking it might be nice for a boost and didn’t take seriously her words that it takes commitment and courage to facilitate life working in ways that I could not imagine.

My problems, the depression and how to "get better" was not a part of any of it, I was simply on a journey from where I was to where I would enjoy being more.

Zoë had/has a unique and skilled way of facilitating access to my own understanding of, and confidence in, what I need to do to live my life in a way that works and works well. Using different tools, my tools, which we discovered together, she encouraged revelation of my true self and allowed it to gain strength, so that almost without me noticing the problems faded away.

I greatly appreciated that her approach is about what works and strengthening, not dependency. And I loved Zoë’s regular, gently stringent reviewing to make sure progress was happening.

In all honesty, it is tough to describe what Zoë does because it is not a doing, it’s a powerfully focused, dynamic experience of healing and integration. Although she rarely talked about her own life, my gut tells me that the way Zoë works is a result of having lived through the exhausting trenches of emotional turmoil and healed from them herself. She just got what to do, guiding me over some pretty rough and challenging terrain with loving strength.


I could describe the tools she helped me develop, but without Zoë’s laser-sharp awareness and art of perfect timing, the tools would not have helped. Hers is an organic, simple, effective process that understands the path to recovery physically, emotionally and spiritually. Because although no two paths are ever the same, they lead from the place of dis-ease to the place of recovery and a well-lived life, and Zoë embodies that terrain

Marcus Buchman, California USA

Working with Zoë


[Zoë fem. proper name, Greek, literally "life"] 

I am Zoë, this is a little of my story and why I do this work.

Roughly half a century ago, I was born in England the youngest of a large, blended family embracing diverse religious and spiritual practices.

My heritage includes traditional healers, sensitives, initiates and diviners, alongside addiction, dysfunction and a well-developed ability to laugh!

From my earliest memories I experienced other dimensions, and was instructed in traditional healing, divination, and the art of holding silence. As a teenager I turned my back on ‘all that’ to embrace the IT and news-publishing worlds of the 80s and 90s.


With great effort, and at great personal cost, I determinedly buried and denied my gifts and sensitivity.

Along with them I buried my own need for healing from abuse and trauma; neatly masked by 28 years of eating disorder. Compulsive overeating from the age of 4, a first cycle of anorexia at

9 years old and finally death-walking obesity by 32.


At 32, with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, complex migraine, psoriasis, arthritis, PTSD and growing wheelchair use due to pain, obesity and pre-diabetes, I collapsed.

And tumbled safely

into the arms of

the Divine


My re-awakening was profound.

Plunging me from my head into my heart in the space of a few minutes, returning me to feeling the energy fields

around me and to experiences of other dimensions.

My protective, rigid, thick plaster-cast of persona fell away in dusty chunks.

And, as for so many of us, what I was left with was both magnificent and deeply wounded.


Following a year of intensive physical and emotional healing, I was taken under the wing of an Elder.

Over several years under her direction, my gifts were deepened, honed, and used in traditional,

transformational rites-of-passage and healing ceremonies with people from around the world.

​​Through guided personal practice, ritual and ceremony I re-embraced Sacred Space,

an ever-nourishing, ever-giving, ever-joyful home to us all.


On the mundane level, I had travelled from the place of a broken, sick, bankrupt single mother

to that of a more empowered, aware human being on a sure and strengthening path. A path which included retraining as a psychotherapist and the experience of using my skills in a clinical context.


At the moment of re-awakening in 2002, I committed to follow my intuitive guidance always

and, for the most part, I have followed it ever since. Sometimes gladly, often doubtfully,

always to greater fulfillment and deeper understanding.

In time, I was connected with the man who is now my husband and partner of 15 years, we were relocated from England to Hawaii and I entered a new chapter of traditionally-based healing work.

The sole purpose of my work is to facilitate your full trust and reliance on your own Divine resource.

Just as each of us is unique, so is our connection to, and expression of, the Divine.

Working together, we create Sacred Space as the crucible for

transformative integration of all three levels of our human being:

Soul, Ego and Body

Functioning from this space is our birthright, it empowers us to live every area of our daily lives

more fully ensouled, with daily realisation of the balance, belonging and purpose that our being craves.

My Soul chose to live a life of pioneering the mountainous, emotional-spiritual terrains

that exist within myself and others.

Because of that choice, I am increasingly adept at scaling and

navigating those mountain ranges effectively.

The mountains of every life transition, of every healing, of every heart-opening truth,

of every permutation of relationship

Like so many of us, I have lived the hurt, inertia, disappointment, anger, blame, guilt and shame of those

exhausting, exhilarating journeys up the mountain



I do not know your mountain, the one that is yours to climb; but I can walk beside you for a while, I can encourage you to trust your intuition as it guides you to fashion unique tools that will serve you in

transforming current burdens into Divine opportunities.

I am a mountain-guide, no more, no less.


This where my skills and experience lie.

Like you, there are ways in which I excel, and those in which I lag behind.

There are times when I succeed, and others when I fail.

Like you, there are places where I shine, and others I would prefer to hide.

For all of us, there is only one guide who holds every answer,

every solution, all peace, all compassion and all joy -

the belovéd, the blesséd Divine.


As you grow strong in navigating your mountain pathways, and in remembering your own innate climbing skills,

 my ears can hear your wisdom and reflect that inspiration back into your heart.

My Heart can leap with joy as you confidently find handhold or foothold on the steepest of climbs

I can hold you as you birth your transformation of self-limiting habits -

whispering encouragement, sharing tales.

I can stand firmly in your way when you are about to hurl yourself unwittingly into unnecessary hurt,

or yell your progress up to you in those steep places, knowing that

all you can see is the rock-face as you climb.

I can celebrate you as you remember how to  nourish yourself and thrive here in this terrain,

so that lack will only ever be a choice.


And as we walk a ways together on this path, we will both become more skilled in mountain-climbing,

and we will gain a sacred comrade and fellow traveller.

Because wherever and whenever the Divine enters reality through sacred space, all benefit

With both fierce joy and warm tears I can honour your Soul by waving you on your jubilant way forward,

strong and connected to the only resource you will ever need in this human reality, that of the Divine.

And I can welcome you with open arms whenever you choose to return and

sit awhile with me and we delight and deepen at your wisdom and Divine connection.

This what I can do.

I cannot take away your pain nor carry your load, I cannot open your eyes nor clear your road,

I cannot let go your burdens, nor know your answers; to pretend that I could would dishonour and deny the very essence of who you are.

Within those experiences lie your adventure, your magnificence, your Divinity;

within them lie your strength.

There will always be another mountain, we simply get stronger and more skilled at climbing.

We do not change,  we simply become more of who we truly are.

We learn to turn our face to the light more,

instead of standing with our backs to it and seeing only shadows.

My path has led me through many joys, sorrows, terrors, horrors, laughter, loves and pain. 

If I could wave a magic wand, I would not change one moment of that precious life lived.

My Soul chose it all as She waved her brave, crusading magic wand

before this current human episode.

Knowing that, there is no room for harsh judgment of myself or others.

We each choose our path, and our detours.

Personally, I have learnt, and continue to learn, as much from treading one as the other.

I am here, where I stand within my Self in this moment, with such a wealth of life and healing behind me,

and so much more ahead.

The work I do and the way I do it are an  integral part of who I am - the way I work may or may not be the way for you

But if you are ready to heal, trust that knowing and your path will light up,

your tribe will start travelling to join you,

and your new adventure of self-discovery and belonging will begin,

here with me,

or in some other place with someone else...

What matters is that we heal and fulfill our Divine purpose, not how




Please use this form for any questions or feedback, or to set up an introductory session with Zoë

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